A Different Shade of Polish

Easter Egg Nails - Repost
Before I put the top coat on the red glitter nails. Looks more mosaic-like.
I had to do a different color on my other hand! (Inspired by polishallthenails)
Glitter nails in different lighting (inspired by polishallthenails) The photographs don’t do these kind of manicures justice. You have to see them in person!
Inspiration from polishallthenails!!!
Happy 21st birthday over there at nailpornography! Your tumblr is the best! I followed it before I even had a tumblr to follow it on.
This manicure was made on Photoshop unfortunately. No time to paint my nails cause I’m too busy studying. :( But I still wanted to show some love :)
(Birthday pattern found at dreamstime.com)
Amy, adifferentshade
OPI “Love.Angel.Music.Baby”

Easter Nails!
Tropical Sunset
Triangle Geometric
Rainbow Nails with Neon Glitter Indie Polish “Clowning Around” by Etsy Shop “Polish Me Silly”
Some random things about me :)
I’m a lefty
I’m a Taurus
Favorite color nail polish: blue
Vanilla instead of chocolate
My other hobbies include yoga, reading, science, fitness
Yay I made a new profile picture!!